Hydrant Maintenance

The required equipment needed for this test is:

  • Flow test kit
  • (2) Hydrant wrenches
  • Hydrant flow test documentation
  • Hydrant number/location map

The flow testing procedure should be conducted, as follows:

  • Position one personnel at the test hydrant, and one at the flow hydrant.
    • Flow hydrant should be located downstream from the test hydrant, or next in line in direction of flow.
  • Attach gauge to test hydrant.
  • Open hydrant; record static pressure reading.
  • Record outlet coefficient size of flow hydrant.
  • Attach pitot gauge to flow hydrant.
  • Open hydrant; record pitot/flow gauge reading (flow for 2 minutes).
  • At test hydrant, record residual pressure reading (should not be less than 20% of flow)
  • Shut down flow hydrant.
  • Shut down test hydrant.
  • Disassemble gauges from hydrant.
  • Hydrant test is now complete.