About Us

RENUKA SAFETY SOLUTIONS is a company with expertise in the field of fire safety & CCTV Surveillance equipment since 2008. We are committed to provide multi brand Fire Extinguishers with Auto-Flooding System, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Alarm (Wired Smoke Detection / Wireless Smoke Detection) System, CCTV Surveillance System, Fire Check Door / Fire Door, Gas Leak Detector and others related accessories, etc. We provide ISI & CE marked products only.

Our priority is not only to increase sale, but also we do believe in providing after-sale service over and on above customer’s expectation. It’s not mere word, but we indeed work in this direction. As an organization, we have always believed that in that fight against fire, knowledge truly is power. A well-informed customer is already half the battle won and the rest depends on the weapons chosen. Hence we build our products that are user-friendly, power-packed and are tested on most stringent tests for their reliability over the years.

May I end with a sincere wish that we continue to share a secure and mutually beneficial relationship over the years to come